Hello COFFIN Heads!

We have some announcements and new protocol update proposals.

Collateral Reserve for CoUSD

After rebalancing, our CoUSD collateral reserve is now over 100%. However, we have seen increased COFFIN sell pressure when CoUSD is around its peg.


We are now preparing a bonding mechanism as well.

This will have a similar…

Happy New Year!

We have an announcement about the schedule for updating the protocol.

In order to support rebalancing, we are going to update our Collateral Reserve Contract and New Minting Logic in a few days.

Even though updating Collateral Reserve Contract, it doesn’t mean that we rebalance immediately. For…

We stand here, resolute,

We have something we would like to share. Currently we are facing issues similar to that of IRON Finance.

As noted in our original documentation, when a partially collateralized stable token falls below PEG, there is always a risk of a hyper inflationary event. (We have…

As we made an announcement yesterday, we’re still up against challenges.

After some changes yesterday, it seems our circuit breakers in place to prevent bad arb are working in this instance so far. However, we cannot relax and cannot recommend you to invest for now. We are still fighting.


Coffin Finance

Welcome to Partial Collateralized Algorithmic Stable Token Project on #Fantom. => Join our community. http://discord.gg/bG7MqNGKxV #ftm #coffin #defi

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