Settings Change, and Prevention of the poor arbitrage loop secured for now. (Updated on 19th of Nov 14:00 UTC)

  • Increase transfer tax ratio to a fixed 5% when below PEG temporarily to prevent current maleficent arbitration efforts.
  • Or, increase transfer base ratio. Currently it’s 0.05% minimum, but it’s too small for bad arbitrage players. We feel it’s better to increase the ratio when we are below PEG. (Updated on the 19th of November, 2021)
  • Changing the redemption delay timing.
  • Changing the rate of our minting fee.
  • Changing the redemption fee entirely.



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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance

Welcome to Partial Collateralized Algorithmic Stable Token Project on #Fantom. => Join our community. #ftm #coffin #defi