Coffin Finance: Security Schedule (Timelock Contract / Multi-Signatory)

About Coffin Protocol

We are a partial collateral stable token protocol. Our CollateralReserve contract is currently at a sufficient level of liquidity.

Timelock / Multi-sig

A timelock on the contract is a “band-aid” fix to alleviate any concerns regarding treasury funds. This delays all functions called by the owner for a set amount of time.

Contracts with multi-signature (multi-sig) wallets allow many signers to evaluate and agree on an action on the blockchain before it is executed.

Initially, we intended to use the Timelock as stated in our document (

As suggested by our users, we are also looking for multi-signature partners.
Even if we choose to utilize Timelock, this is only a temporary solution until we can locate multi-sig partners and then migrate to a multi-sig method. We believe that acquiring known members of the Fantom Community as Multi-Signatory is preferable.

We will use the Timelock contract if we are unable to locate enough partners by the end of the second week of November.

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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance

Welcome to Partial Collateralized Algorithmic Stable Token Project on #Fantom. => Join our community. #ftm #coffin #defi