CoffinFinance Partnership with SpookySwap

Our Partnership

  • SpookySwap will create a FTM-COFFIN farm on SpookySwap. Users can get BOO as reward. It is after Coffin Finance successful launch.
  • Not only that, SpookySwap will distribute some of COFFIN token through its partnered staking after a successful vote with governance. We are going to make an announcement about the details after Coffin Finance’s successful launch. The COFFIN token is provided from Coffin Finance.
  • COFFIN Token has a burning mechanism when CoUSD is below the peg. However, thanks to SpookySwap’s effort, users can avoid tax/burn from LP-ing on SpookySwap when a user creates LPs related to COFFIN token.

About CoffinFinance

About SpookySwap



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