Good Day. Current Status and New Plan about COFFIN Finance

  • An immediate, but temporary, disabling of the redeem function, (for a minimum of 14 days).
  • The prioritization of a governance token, xCOFFIN
  • We will keep the same tokens, COFFIN and CoUSD. The only thing that will change is tokenomics.
  • The preparation of a proposal to update and improve the current tokenomics.
  • Bonding mechanisms. e.g., ( )
  • The dynamic and incremental fluidity of multiple intrinsically rewarding and incentivized, collateralized stabletokens as opposed to solely FTM.
  • A new road towards success.
  • A secondary IDO, to raise funds if needed.



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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance


Welcome to Partial Collateralized Algorithmic Stable Token Project on #Fantom. => Join our community. #ftm #coffin #defi