Proposal about Graveyard Finance


  • New Tokens
    1. CoGRAVE pegged to USDC ( algorithmically )
    2. CoSHARE
    3. CoBOND
  • 2% Genesis deposit / withdrawal fee goes to buyback CoUSD / COFFIN.
  • Genesis pool tokens will include single stake COFFIN, CoUSD, xCOFFIN and a CoGRAVE/USDC LP. Keeping USDC out of Genesis will cut back on the number of whales who only want to earn CoGRAVE and dump it after Genesis. Having only CoUSD, COFFIN and xCOFFIN single-stakes in Genesis will keep more CoGRAVE in the community.
  • New Tokens
    1. CoUSD/CoGRAVE
    2. CoUSD/USDC
  • Incentivizing CoUSD/USDC and COFFIN/FTM pools with high APR’s/rewards in CoSHARE, and incentivizing COFFIN/CoUSD holders by such taxes without expiration are mandatory.
  • More information will be released after the results of the vote.


  • Agree that Graveyard Finance may use current COFFIN Intellectual property images officially.
  • Continue to stop COFFIN emissions
  • Continue to stop CoUSD redeem. ( now postponing re-enable CoUSD redeem) and stop xCoUSD mint for the time being.
  • More buyback CoUSD if needed.
  • Seek possibilities of “COFFIN SWAP” for liquidity
    1. REDEMPTION for 3omb
    2. For Tomb
  • Stop COFFIN transfer tax for the time being or when graveyard genesis.
  • If you agree with the idea, please vote “Yes”.
  • If not, please “No”.
  • If you think we need more discussion, please vote “Need more details”.



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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance

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