Proposals — Buyback CoUSD, Burn XCOFFIN, Stop COFFIN emission, Tomb Fork


📢We’d like to make a series of proposals that are related in some way.

✅Additional buyback & burn CoUSD using less than 5% CoUSD Collateral

✅Burn all XCOFFIN in treasury which is around 1.139M $COFFIN

✅Stop COFFIN emission

✅An idea about CoUSD pegged algo token (Tomb fork) without CoUSD mint/redeem

What are your thoughts?👀

We’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas.🔥
🚀Please share them with us on our discord server so that we can work together to create good solutions.

❤️Thank you for your patience and continuing support.
🏆The best we can do is keep having discussions on discord in order to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

From the ⚰️ to the 🌙
#COFFIN #DeFi #Fantom $FTM #Crypto #WAGMI

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Coffin Finance

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