Results of the proposal for updating the protocol ( 3rd of Dec )

  • Use the marketing funds for xCOFFIN holders, up to 2 months, or CoUSD price back to PEG.
  • Reduce farm rewards temporary
  • Use transfer tax for xCOFFIN holders and change the threshold of burn/tax.
  • Improve new Collateral Reserve / Rebalancing
  • Improve and devise a New Mint / Redemption Mechanism
  • To prepare a new collateral & redemption system, continue to disable redeem another 4 weeks after voting resolution.
  • Reconsider how to keep the CoUSD price stable. Buyback options with collateral if enough collateral. Sell options if above peg.
  • Update new Road map & Expected Schedules which are related to above items.



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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance

Welcome to Partial Collateralized Algorithmic Stable Token Project on #Fantom. => Join our community. #ftm #coffin #defi