Still trying to prevent bad arbitrage loop 2

As we made an announcement yesterday, we’re still up against challenges.

After some changes yesterday, it seems our circuit breakers in place to prevent bad arb are working in this instance so far. However, we cannot relax and cannot recommend you to invest for now. We are still fighting.

Let us say again, the current price has decreased **NOT** as a result of a bug, exploit, or rug. The risk is implemented in similar protocols. Our trial is how to prevent the problem similar protocols have experienced by our way.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to protect the protocol and its users.

To adjust some settings flexibility, we might transfer more contract ownerships to devs temporary.

( Collateral has still Timelock. )

By doing such we are able to move smoothly and fix the parameters. There are possibilities as follows.

I really appreciate your supporting always.




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