[SUMMARY] Coffin Finance AMA 08/10/21

  • Hi, what’s the major difference with Iron Finance?
  • How do you plan to compete with your competitors?
  • What is your main goal with this plan? What would you like for Coffin as a whole to grow?
  • What are the precautionary steps taken to prevent a bank run?
  • What other projects have you worked on?
  • What's the game plan to increase adoption for Coffin?
  • We have seen AQU dev abandoned project, will you have a long term commitment in the project and any future corporation with other projects like curve to bring more use cases for CoUSD
  • Your artist did a very good job with the artwork. Any plans for NFTs?
  • What marketcap will Coffin be releasing at?
  • What have the talks been like with other projects? Are you getting any assistance from them in any shape or form?
  • Who will audit
  • What drove you to create a stable coin protocol and any plans to create a yield-generating mechanism for it?
  • So why you are using coUSD instead of USDC. It might peg to one dollar but its only usable after coffin burns
  • Can I just start redeeming on Mainnet if I want to test?
  • I have concerns about coUSD pegs how can you control arbitrage so fast, and also what if no one single stakes COFFIN for XCOFFIN when coUSD below USD
  • When can we use Mint/Redeem function?
  • In terms of marketing, will you guys be ramping it up soon? or after presale and launch?
  • Why not run the beta before the ICO, let us test the product before the ICO sale?
  • Just would like to clarify on the pre-sale time? On coffin Website, it shows still around 20 hrs left. But on pre-sale site, it shows only 12 hrs left?
  • Slightly off topic but I was asleep when the presale react message was posted and would love to join .I was one of the first people in the discord so I would love to support and take part.. Hoping it’s not too late.
  • Here is a hypothetical question for you. Have you ever thought about what to do if your project gets exploited somehow (I’m almost sure that won’t happen, cause I see the difference between other algorithmic projects.). But I also wonder how you would resolve the problem in that case.
  • How many people are in the Coffin team?



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Coffin Finance

Coffin Finance

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